Dr. Ring

“I prefer to do my procedures at the ASC because the staff is friendly and efficient. My patients always give me good feedback about their experience there. They tell me ‘that was so much better than I thought it would be.’ That is in large part because of how well they were treated at the ASC.”

Dr. Eric Ring began his career as an aerospace engineer working for NASA, after eight years he decided to change careers and become a physician. He attended Texas Tech University where he earned his medical degree. His passion for the full spectrum of medicine brought him to Cascade East Family Practice in Klamath Falls where he specialized in rural family medicine. Dr. Ring receives an enormous amount of satisfaction from the relationships he develops with his patients. Providing care for generations within a family is a special part of practicing medicine. Preventive medicine is an important part of Family Medicine, and colonoscopy is a simple way to prevent colon cancer, the leading preventable cause of cancer in this country. Because of his interest, Dr. Ring received additional training in gastrointestinal endoscopy and performs colonoscopies and endoscopies at the Ashland Surgery Center. He is in practice with Family Practice Group. To find out more about Dr. Ring and the services he provides visit www.familypracticegrouppc.com/ring.html

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